A third party conducted testing* on the skinning percentages of multiple varieties of potatoes with different equipment in the handling line prior to going into processing.  Using two different branded pieces of handling equipment, the VACS Mobile™ outperformed its competitor by a large margin.  On average, by having the VACS Mobile in the line resulted in a 30-35% reduction in skinning vs. the competitor! Increase your profits by reducing your skinning. Check out the VACS Mobile - Hard on trash, rocks, and dirt but GENTLE on spuds.

Let’s take a look at some real-life numbers/example:

700 Acres of potatoes
170 “payable” CWT /acre
$36 per CWT times 700 acres of baby potatoes
Equals $4,284,000

As an example, let’s use a modest improvement in skinning percentage. Multiply $4,284,000 by a 5% improvement on skinning and that comes out to be a swing of $214,000 that you didn’t get with the competition.

*Third party independent study conducted in 2021.


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